Statute of Our Portal


Regulation/Statute/Rules - Terms of Use of the Portal

§ 1

1. These Regulations set rules for the use of an Internet portal to the portal

2. Exclusive lawto the portal belongs to "M40".

§ 2

Concepts and definitions used in these Regulations mean:

1. Regulations - this document,

2. Owner - the owner of the portal and the company M40.

3. Portal - a website located at with all its content,

4. Users -persons entitled to use the Portal and registered  in the Portal after payment of the selectedsubscription and fee.

5. Viewers/Visitors - acquaint people with the content of which is not the Portal Users,

6. Monthly fee/ subscription fee- a fee that allows to full use of the materials and publications available on the Portal

7. Tactics - the presentation using animation, how to play Futsal by players and their positioning and movement on the pitch.

8. Package of Tactics - specified number of Tactics created by the Owner.

§ 3

1. The topic of the Portal is entirely dedicated to the issues of futsal issues and theaspects associated with them.

2. All animations, materials, Tactics and descriptions contained in the Portal are protected by copyright. All activities involving copying, publishing and distributing material without the consent of the Owner is prohibited.

3. User must register in the portal  and at the same time accepts the provisions of these Regulations/Statute.

4. Users are required to use the Portal in accordance with applicable laws, rules of social life, morality, and the provisions of the Regulations and not to use the Portal in order to distribute any Content which are the subject of protection by international copyright law.

5. The Owner has the right to remove users or block IP addresses, user names or e-mail addresses in the event of a breach of the Regulation, applicable laws, rules of social conduct or morals.

§ 4

1. The condition for full use of the Portal is to register, pay for the selected type of subscription/monthly fee, and later by logging in to the Portal.

2. The registration process requires to give personal information, e-mail address, username, name and password. These data are included in the section "Create a new account".

3. The User after registration and after activation of an account via e-mail, may purchase Package of Tactics.

4. The duration of the subscription fee is calculated from the time of posting charges to a bank account of the Owner .

5. Prices of subscription fees is placed on the Portal under the "Price list".


§ 5

1. Administrator of a Portal, as the administrator of personal data, protect personal data of the Users, and protects them from unauthorized access, while maintaining the requirements of applicable laws. Data given by the User may be processed for marketing purposes only by the Owner, under the law.

2. Portal does not share personal information and data of the Users  and Viewers to other entities than the statutorily authorized. Information for the Users and Viewers (in particular, IP numbers, email addresses, data browsers) are stored by the Owner, and if necessary will be made ‚Äč‚Äčavailable to the administration of justice and law enforcement authorities at their request.

3. Each User has the access to their data in the Portal and at any time has the ability to modify or delete them.

4. The User can delete  his account, even if the fee was previously paid. Unused funds earmarked for the fee shall not be in this situation reimbursed to the User or to third parties.

5. The User has the right to require the cessation of treatment and removal of personal data by sending a request via e-mail to the address designated by the Administrator of the Portal.

6. PasswordSelected by the User for his account should be protected by the User and under no circumstances should not he pass on to third parties for unauthorized use of the site.

§ 6

1. The Owner presents in the Portal the examples of Futsal Tactics. The owner will also make every effort to expand the Portal and the successive changes in its functioning.

2. The Owner reserves the right to publish additional Tactics.

3. The Owner reserves the right to make changes in the Rules/Regulations/Statute to which he undertakes to inform theUsers by email.

4. By using the portal Users andRewievers/Visitors ensure that they:

a) will not take any legal and illegal activities to harm the operation of the Portal or the services offered by the Portal,

b) will not share, nor use the Portal or its contents for any commercial purpose or bringing material benefits, in particular, that they will not sell the contents of the Portal and Tactics to other entities,

c) not have any rights to the commercial use of the Portal or services provided by the Portal without first receiving written permission from the Owner. Violation of these rights is a subject to criminal and civil liability,

d) are aware that all publications, materials and Tactics appearing in the Portal are protected by copyright and that any use of them should be discussed with their authors and with the Owner,

e) will not collect, process or disclose any data and other information about the Users of the Portal.

5. He Owner reserves the right to send messages to the Users about the functioning of the Portal, and information about current offers.


§ 6

1. The User may create his own Tactics in the Portal created by himself.The Owner gives Users the possibility to use the program to create  Tactics (Tactics' Cerator).

2. Tactics created by a User  the User can edit and delete if he hashis account active and his fee is paid.

3. The Owner reserves the right to delete, and edit Tactics created by Users.

4. The Owner takes copyrights of Tactics created by Users.

5. The condition for inclusion of materials in the User Portal is to:

a) editing rights, free of charge to the Owner with, with the possibility of a permanent and display, copy, promote, archive, distribute, create derivative works based on all or part of the content shared by the User to the Owner. License applies to any form of media and technology available to current and future market.

b) give permission to make modifications and sent the material and develop a Tactic for its inclusion on the site,

c) give the guarantee of being the holder of any rights relating to the legality and authenticity of submitted materials, and no attempts leading to the falsification of the origin of materials.

6. The owner stipulates that in case of cancellation by the User from the, accessed and archived publications, tactics, comments, messages may still be available on the Portal.


§ 8

1. The Owner makes it possible to advertise, offer their products and services by third parties through the Portal.

2. Any advertising conditions and their prices will be governed by separate agreements between the concerned company or persons and the company M40.

3. All advertisement posted in Portal are subject to legal regulations and does not violate the generally accepted legal norms.

§ 9

1. The company M40 has exclusive rights to modify the contents of the Portal, making decisions related to its further development, or cessation of development.

2. Using the Portal for commercial purposes, including posting the messages sent by users and viewers with the content of any advertisement or content features to suggest the possibility of enrichment in exchange for contact is not allowed.

3. The Owner is not responsible for the lack of good faith of the Users that and claims that it is not possible to fully control the reliability of users.

4. The Owner does not participate in disputes arising between Users and shall not assume any responsibility for them.

5. Any disputes between the parties arising from the Rules/Regulations/ Statute and not covered by the provisions of these Regulations shall be settled by the court competent for the seat of the Owner of the Portal, on the basis of the relevant provisions of the Civil Code and the Copyright Act according to the Polish regulations and law.


§ 10

1. Rules/Regulations/Statute apply from 23. December 2011 and may change at any time. Terms of the new version of Rules/Regulations/Statute are valid from the of time placing a new version on the Portal and the information about this fact on the home page of the Portal.

2. Use of the Portal by Users and Viewers after changing the terms of the Rules/Regulations/Statute is tantamount to acceptance of the new provisions of the Rules/ Statute/Regulations.